Healthy pet net

Healthy pet net

Healthy Pet Net Foods have never been a part of any recall. Healthy Pet Net's Life's Abundance Premium Dog Food will keep your dog healthy and happy, and can add years to your dog's life. Healthy Pet Net is meticulous about the quality of their dog foods and only use fresh, premium ingredients.

Do Dog Food Manufacturers Care about Your Dog?

Although you may think all dog food manufacturers have your dog's best interests in mind, this is not always the case. Most people do not know what's really in the food they feed their dogs and are unknowingly harming their dogs meal after meal. Dogs are developing diseases that were unheard of years ago, such as diabetes, cancer, liver and kidney diseases, not to mention the increased medical cost for treating these diseases. Dogs keep eating, so customers keep buying.

Pets are not living as long as they should. Although the maximum life span of our dogs is estimated to be about 25 years, unfortunately, the average dog lives only approximately 13 to 14 years. There are 67 million dogs in America. Dog owners tell their dog's health improves in so many ways when they get nutrition-packed, easy to digest foods. Because Healthy Pet Net Food is so different from the majority of dog foods on the market, it is recommended that you introduce it to your dogs slowly. You can protect your precious dogs by feeding them the highest quality premium foods. Dogs love the taste and you no longer have to worry about the toxic ingredients in their food.

Is Your Dog a Cannibal?

Your dog needs a healthy skin, a healthy body and healthy jointsand bones. Your dog does not need "byproducts" from rendering plants which process diseased dead animal carcasses, euthanized dogs and cats, rotting road kill, or chicken heads, feet and feathers. Your dog does not need fats and oils made from used, rancid restaurant cooking oils, or extracted from the rotting waste products thrown into rendering vats. Your dog does not need corn products, soy products, wheat products, gluten meal, bone meal, and fillers like peanut hulls. Dogs lack the enzymes to digest corn. Dogs cannot digest corn and extract the nutrients, so corn tends to pass right through a dog.

Healthy Pet Net Natural Foods

Studies have shown that dogs were required to eat 3 to 4 times as much of an economy brand than a natural food to provide proper nutrition. Including natural ingredients that appeal to your dog's taste buds prevents the necessity of artificial flavorings. Powerful antioxidants from natural sources, like alfalfa sprouts and Brewers yeast. The select quality ingredients are cooked in small batches using our exclusive fast-cook process that uses less heat to gently lock in more of the natural goodness and fresh taste of real food. So its just as natural and deliciously wholesome as if you d made it yourself.

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