Flint river ranch dog food

Flint river ranch dog food

Flint River Ranch dog food contains only human-grade, natural ingredients that are slowly oven-baked under carefully controlled conditions, resulting in a food that is easily digested, and has a high degree of assimilation of important vitamins and minerals. Flint River Ranch dog food is cheaper to feed than other food costing less.

Why Flint River Ranch dog food is more economical

Flint River Ranch dog food is so highly digestible that your pet's stools will be greatly reduced. Dogs may require a little adjustment over a period of time to shrink their stomach and reduce their food intake. Ordinary dog foods are made with corn. Rice and Wheat are easier to digest than corn; therefore, easier on your dog's system. Ordinary dog foods are extruded under high pressure and extreme temperatures and then sprayed with fat and other products in order to encourage dogs to eat. Studies have shown that dog were required to eat 3 to 4 times as much of an economy brand than a premium food to provide proper nutrition.


Formulated to help your companion animal heal holistically through properly balanced nutrition, Flint River Ranch dog food has been called "the next best thing to home-cooked meals. Flint River Ranch's Chicken Meal and other meat sources do not contain poultry by-products or other by-products like chicken heads, chicken feet, duck heads, beaks, feathers, fish heads, hides, hoofs, and intestines. CHICKEN MEAL: The chicken for Flint River Ranch Dog Food does NOT come from rendering plants where by-products are rendered at high temperatures. There are no bones, by-products or indigestible parts in their Chicken Meal. It is processed into a "Ground Meal" form with most of the water removed for ease of handling and reduced shipping costs.

Quality Products

Flint River Ranch foods contain no chemical preservatives, no Ethoxyquin, no BHA or BHT, no By-Products, and are NATURALLY preserved with Vitamins E and C using HUMAN QUALITY ingredients. Flint River Ranch pet food for dogs and cats contains no chemical preservatives, ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT or by-products. Flint River Ranch dog foods are naturally preserved with vitamins E and C using human quality ingredients. Flint River Ranch continues to position itself as a leader in the research and development of natural products for your pets. Flint River Ranch includes the shipping fees in the purchase price of its products. No by-products, artificial colors or chemical preservatives.


Feeding a "pet grade food" made with ingredients "NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" is not the way to keep your dog healthy. Everything that is not fit for human consumption is used as ingredients in many of these dog foods. The ingredients used in Flint River Ranch pet food are "human grade" and Flint River Ranch is made in a USDA facility where "ingredients not fit for human consumption" are not allowed. Your dog will have healthier skin, a shinier coat and overall better health with a regular diet consisting of the high quality, natural ingredients found in Flint River Ranch all natural pet food.

Flint River Ranch dog food formulas truly provide the Best for Less less money, less time, and less hassle, while delivering an all natural, oven baked, always fresh taste delight for your dogs that's formulated with the highest quality human-grade ingredients.

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